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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alex Through The Ages pt 1

Alex has changed A LOT from the first season. Actually, out of the three siblings (and Harper too, come to think of it) she's changed the least. Unless we're talking style, which we are right now.

Season 1:
This is my favorite outfit to describe the ugh-ness of season 1 clothes. Layered, way to color-coordinated, wacky patterns mixed with solids, and (I know you can't see them, but they're there) high-tops. I'm not knocking her style, it reminds me of the way my best friend used to dress! Haha!

Season one is also where we're introduced to her favorite thing to wear- horizontal stripes! She carries this throughout the series. She also wears more hats in season 1 then in the other two seasons put together! Gosh, I miss those hats!

Season 2 style tomorrow!

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  1. Clearly she loves wearing strips and I TOTALLY LOVE THE SHOW! Haven't missed an episode yet, just wait until they come out of Netflix for me to watch since I don't have channels to watch at all, which is sad, :(