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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where Do Those Stairs Go?

Has anyone else wondered about those stairs in the loft, or is it just me? I've always assumed that they just led down to the subshop and up to the kid's bedrooms. But we're also seen Alex lead them down the stairs into the basement (which is the garage* in Racing). 

But, Alex and Hugh were coming up those stairs in Hugh's Not Normous after leaving the Lair, which would mean that they came up from the subshop... 

I guess it's just for us all to figure out, right? Anyone, feel free to give opinions, I'm stumped. 

I also need to watch Disenchanted Evening again, 'cause I think they moved the Lair in that episode...

*When typing garage, I said it with an British accent! 


  1. That don't make no sense

  2. The stairs clearly down to the subshop and then they might take another staircase to get to the garage. I think the idea of the garage and basement just means you walk downwad to ge there and the staircase you always see in the loft is the central staircase.